Of course I'm glad when an item sells, but there
are some vintage clothes that I completely fell in
love with and want to share them with you!

Big names and no names, but all damn good

(beware this page is still under construction!)
vintage 50's emma domb dress
vintage 40's rayon halter dress
vintage 50's dior shoes
vintage 40's rayon dress lanterns
Vintage 50's Travilla Ball Gown Eveing Dress
vintage 50s lanvin evening gown dress
vintage 50's pink eveing gown cocktail dress
Vintage 50's dilk cheetah print shirtwaist dress
vintage 50's sun dress novelty print
vintage 40's barizon robe
vintage 50's will steinman evening gown prom dress wedding
vintage 50's mid century catalina swimming suit bathing suit
Vintage 60's Princess Galitzine palazzo lounging set
vintage 40's
vintage 50's novelty print egg dress
vintage 1930's bias cut gown
vintage 50's van raalte gown
vintage 40's nipped waist jacket
Vintage 50's strapless ballgown or evening gown
by Travilla. A black column of black silk topped
by a strapless swath of ivory satin encrusted with
Just smashing.
William Travilla was Marylin Monroe's designer
and this has to be my all time favorite dress I
ever bought and sold.
Vintage 60's Dior shoes of scrumtous
brwon satin topped with a creamy pink
rosette. I just let these sit on my desk
for weeks 'cause they were so pretty.
Vintage 40's rayon halter dress with a
hawian print skirt and bolero.
Vintage 40's rayon swing dress with a
lantern print and huge lantern appliqué.
Vintage 50's Emma Domb evening
dress. Halter top with black poinsettia's.
I really think this 50's cocktail dress
looks like a Dior, but the tags were long
gone. Just lovely pink satin with a bustle
look back.
Vintage Lanvin Castillo 1950's
Ball Gown in silk satin
Vintage sundress with cute novelty print.
Vintage 50's silk
shirtwaist dress.
Vintage 50's Will
Steinman Evening
Gown, Prom or
wedding dress.
Vintage 40's quilted Barbizon Robe.
Vintage 50's
Swimsuit. Catalina
mid century
modern bathing
lounging set in celery
green silk charmuse.
Awesome palazo
Vintage 1940's "heroic" style evening
Eggs and little pink birds.
1940's white linen
nipped waist jacket.
Vintage 1930's bias cut gown.
Vintage 50's Van Raalte mint green
Vintage 1950's pinup girl
bathing suit. Tobi of
vintage 50's Tobi Pinup Swimming Suit Bathingsuit
vintage 1930's navy wool edwardian style coat
Amazing 1930's navy wool crepe
Edwardian look coat.
Vintage 40's ted stien suit
vintage 40's Irene Suit
Vintage 40's Irene Military Look Suit.
Vintage 50's Emma Domb Lace Prom Dress
Wonderful Ted Stien 40's Suit
50s wiggle dress Jerry Glidden Shannon Rodgers
Vintage 50's wiggle dress from
Jerry Gliden/Shannon Rodgers
mr. mort vintage 50s floral wiggle dress
Mr. Mort floral Wiggle Dress
vintage 60s coat nina ricci
Nina Ricci vintage 60s Coat
Dorothey Hubbs