A collection of images from vintage magazines, catalog ads,
layouts and photographs that I love.
Vintage 1943 WW2 War Effort Sewing Booklet
Vintage Butterick Fashion News Nov. 1949
Vintage Clothing Images

Adele Simpson Suit, 1951
Rose Marie Reed Bathing Suit, 1957
Good Housekeeping Salon, 1938
Vintage Lanvin Summer Dress, 1954
Vintage Dior Suit, 1950
Vintage Balenciaga Suit, 1952
Vintage Adrian Suit 1947
Vintage Lilli Ann Dresses and Suits
Vintage Ceil Chapman Dresses, 1954
Vintage Fath Suit, 1954
Vintage Dior Dresses, 1951
Vintage Givenchy
Vintage Irene, 1949
Vintage Shoe Images

Deliso Debs Babydoll Oxford Shoes
Vintage Lingerie Images

Vintage Munsingwear Girdle/WW2
Seampure Pelisse Slips and Gowns 1953
Vintage Van Raalte Slip
Vogue "waist nipper corset, bra, petticoat" 1955
Vogue May 1959, Maidenform Bra
Vintage Furniture Advertisments

Vintage Retro Living Room
Vintage Household/Homemaking Ads
Vintage Miscellaneous Advertisements