1943 War Effort Sewing Pamphlet
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Build Your Own Wardrobe
Victory Needles
Keep 'em Flying! 1942
During the years for World War 2 it was considered your patriotic duty to
clothing. One of the ways women could help with the war effort, besides having
Victory Gardens, was to be frugal with their clothing. Taking an old item and
making it new was all the rage and this pamphlet is one of many produced
during that time as a guide to help the home seamstress remake her boring
clothing into up-to-date fashionable garments.
"Throughout America, millions of
women have returned to the fine
art of home sewing to show their
Patriotism and to do their part in
a national emergency."
A is for Accessories.....
Make 5 costumes
from one! Lift your spirits-and
a dress- out of the doldrums
with a dash of courageous
Here's How to make Them.
White Magic
...To wear with a basic
A remnant of plaid or
bright wool makes a gay
Victorian shawl.
B is for Basic Suit
...build 5 changes on one!
jackets to add exciting
verve to a basic suit...
Here's how to change your
suit. Dinner date....
To suit your mood for any
occasion. Quilted for
E is for Evening Glamour
built on 2 skirts long and
short....After sundown
clothes are still designed
for enchantment....
Acessories...for evenings at
home...for formal wear...