Vintage Condition
Mint: As New, No Flaws or Wear,
VERY rare

Nearly Mint: Previously Worn but with NO noted flaws

Excellent: Previously Worn, No Visible or very slight Flaws
That are not noticeable to the naked eye

Very Good: Previously Worn With Noted Flaws
Wearable As Is

Good: Worn With repairable Flaws,
Wearable As Is

Fair: Numerous Flaws, Possibly Wearable with Care and
Repair, Costume Use

Poor: Damaged Beyond Repair, Not Wearable, Of Use to
Collectors, For Study or Cutter
I Promise to give accurate
information on your items, to ship
fast, have wonderful customer
service and to be ready to help
you with any problems that may
If you are new to vintage clothes
buying, please remember that
vintage clothing is not like new
clothing, it has been worn and/or
stored for many years. Most vintage
clothing has been around the block
a time or two before it comes to
me which it may not be "flawless". I
describe each item to the best of
my abilities and will point out all
flaws I find. All lingerie is hand
washed. Most other items are
washed and/or spot cleaned.
Please note that most dry cleaning
is left to the discretion of the buyer
to keep prices affordable and, at
times, to protect the integrity of the
item. Highly fragile items are left as

“LOVE the dress! Thanks for a speedy delivery
and great service! You ROCK!”

"Wonderful service, lovely product, will deal
with any day”

“Item arrived as described, packed well, fast
ship, who could ask 4 more! A+Seller”

“Fabulous shoes with perfect fit! Super speedy
delivery, too! thanks!”

“Pattern came beautifully packed and in
perfect condition, as listed. Thank You!”